Vortex Rammer  LS3 & LS7 Induction System

Vortex Rammer LS3 & LS7 Induction System

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This vortex rammer kit replaces the restrictive stock air box assembly. This revolutionary air cleaner contains an internal vortex velocity stack. It obtains cool, pressurized air from the radiator cavity through your modified shroud. Air is forced through a sealed box, where in turn, it directly injects cold air into your intake. Lowering Manifold Air Temperature by almost 30 Degrees, cold air means more power. Running at speed has given additional Hp due to the air being forced in. This is from the benefit of the pressurized air that is created at high speeds. This kit includes the air filter, sealed air box, and a one-piece power duct from air box to throttle body. Instructions included. Available in clear or black. Fits 06-08 Z06 and 08 LS3 models.

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