LS9 Attack Blue DRY NANO High Performance AIr Filter - Vasaria (GM Brace Included)

LS9 Attack Blue DRY NANO High Performance AIr Filter - Vasaria (GM Brace Included)

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• Huge power gains by simply dropping the filter in! 
• Revolutionary design for more free flowing air, power & torque!
• Advanced Dry Nanofiber Technology for Maximum Air Flow With Outstanding Filtration!
• Captures dirt down to sub micron levels!  
• No tuning necessary
• Washable & reusable! Just soap & water. No oils or chemicals used!   
• No CEL's/bad engine codes! • No surging. 
• Does not void your warranty 
• Proudly made in the USA!

This filter comes with an additional GM retainer since your original one is glued to your old dirty filter.

Receive huge rear wheel gains by simply replacing the stock air filter with an Attack Blue Dry Nanofiber performance filter.
The Attack Blue’s filter for the LS9 has multiple unique features which separates it from all others!
It’s low restrictive open mouth is designed to allow more free flowing air to enter the filter. Its unique tapered back design helps take all that cool air and direct it smoothly towards your engine with the least amount of turbulence. This all results in more power, quick response, no surging & no "check engine lights" 
We have seen some impressive gains of over 16hp!  No tune needed. Just drop it in and go.

What good is more power if you're sacrificing filtration?  Attack Blue obtains power gains without forfeiting filtration by using proprietary advanced dry Nanotechnology. Nanofibers flow a tremendous amount of air while trapping particulate down to SUB micron levels! 
For the first time more power and more filtration is NOT an oxymoron. 
ITS A FACT that nanofibers provide the absolute best air flow while at the same time providing the best filtration over other traditional filtration media. This is indisputable.

Its Washable & reusable! To clean, just use soap and water!  NO oils, NO chemicals needed to clean or treat the filter. Besides saving you money, you have the ability to run on a clean free flowing filter more often.

Don't be surprised if you notice a slightly louder more aggressive note when you get on it.

When Magnuson Supercharger was looking for a filter for more power, they chose Attack Blue for their system. 

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