Cleartastic®  Invisible Paint Protection Film -Rocker & Lower Door - Stingray

Cleartastic® Invisible Paint Protection Film -Rocker & Lower Door - Stingray

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Part Number:95-CP
• Replaces the small factory piece & offers MORE protection
• Invisible once applied!
• Pre-cut & designed so anyone can apply with professional results!   
• Self healing characteristics! Small marks & scratches, vanish over time!
• Apply in Minutes!
• This kit protects in front of the rear wheel , the rocker & under the door. 
• Outstanding protection! Withstand rocks, road debris & human abuse
• One time application provides years & years of protection.
• Great for racing conditions & everyday driving
• Proudly made In The USA! 

Let's face it, the protection film from the factory that comes with your C7 Stingray is thin, small, and barley covers a vulnerable painted area.
In time you will absolutely get chips all around where the factory piece ends! 
This new Cleartastic® kit protects from edge to edge and seam to seam so you're totally protected and its totally invisible! No more unsightly line running down the middle of your panel!

Cleartastic® is a 100%  DIY application. For over 20 years Cleartastic® has been manufacture "do-it-yourself" kits  Completely designed with you in mind. All Cleartastic® kits  are created so anyone can apply with professional results every time!  

Cleartastic® PLUS is a clear high end flexible film that creates an invisible barrier between your beautiful delicate paint and rocks and debris. Precut and designed for a simple easy installation. Cleartastic® Plus film has "Self-Healing" characteristics so even light scratches, swirls & marks will vanish automatically overtime! 
Smooth as glass appearance makes it invisible once applied. Wash and wax over the film. Treat it like your paint. Cleartastic® PLUS has a mild adhesive to make it a "Set it and forget it" film. One time application provides years and years of protection.

This kit includes easy step by step instructions to remove the existing factory film & to apply the new piece.
Cleartastic has been protecting paint for 20 years. ...a name you can trust. The Clear choice in paint protection.  
Proudly made In The USA!