Blockit DeadMats - Behind Seat Add On Kit For C6 & C7

Blockit DeadMats - Behind Seat Add On Kit For C6 & C7

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* Extremely effective at damping & blocking unwanted noise & Vibrations! 
* Thin & Light Weight!
* Performance to weight ratio is amazing!  
* Improve your audio’s sound quality!
* Textured top layer looks great once installed! 
* Very durable. Won’t rip, tear or break down overtime! 
* Helps reduce heat! 
* Simple peel and stick application! 
* Apply to any make or model where its needed!
* No smell!

* Made in the USA! Raw materials Are from the USA Too!
* Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!

This kit is designed for those who already have the Blockit Quick & Quiet 3 piece pre cut drop in system, but want the next level of quiet. Achieve even more of a pleasant ride in minutes! Simply cut and place the DeadMats under the factory carpet behind the seat area. The carpet behind the seats easily lifts right up!

DeadMats are only 1/16" thin making them vary malleable but extremely effective. 
Blockit Dead Mats use a unique technology to eliminate unwanted vibration & noise in your vehicle. It’s not your typical mass loaded vinyl. The thin light weight mats are a highly damped proprietary mineral filled viscoelastic polymer which provides outstanding sound & vibration reduction. At only .445 lbs per sq ft the performance to weight ratio is amazing.  

The bottom line is the Blockit DeadMats are light weight and are designed to simply not vibrate! The self adhesive backing makes for a simply cut and stick application. You can either completely cover an area, just a portion of an area or strategically place them with outstanding results. Blockit Dead Mats can be stacked to double up on vibration and noise reduction. Blockit Dead Mats, are fantastic on their own or in addition to compliment the Blockit Quick & Quiet Mats. We know there are some areas that require damping and are not hidden or buried under carpet. The Blockit Dead Mats have a textured surface layer which is durable and has a nice clean look
when exposed.

Your purchasing 2 sheets of 18 "x 32"

Watch what just a 5 inch piece of DeadMat does!


 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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