Blockit® Heat & Sound Barrier  32" x 54"

Blockit® Heat & Sound Barrier 32" x 54"

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Part Number:2100
Drops Interior Noise By 4-6 dbs's
Reduces temperatures by as much as 40 degrees
Provides Both Sound/Heat Insulation Plus Carpet Padding All in One Product
Water Proof
Automotive Grade Materials / Meet FMVSS 302 (Tested and Approved) 
Simply DIY install
Proudly Made In The USA .

Blockit's automotive heat & sound barrier is a new innovative blend of of actual acoustical and thermal composite materials design to quiet down your ride and keep you cool too! 
Its proprietary multi layer combination of materials targets tire & road noise, loud exhaust, exhaust drone & vibration. Improves radio & audio quality. Blocks uncomfortable unwanted heat. Enhances your driving experience.  Apply to any vehicle.  Cut it. Stick it. Done. 

Install it once. Install it right.  Install with confidence. 

Sheet is 32" x 54   3/8 thick .