Blem Blockit #2

Blem Blockit #2

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Part Number:blem 2022

• Reduce interior noise in seconds! Just drop it in & go!
• Immediately helps reduce tire/road noise & some aftermarket exhausts 
• Pre - cut for a perfect fit.  No adhesive! Lays right over your factory carpet. 
• Fits Stingray, GS &  Z06. 

• No adhesive means you're NOT adding permanent weight.

• Helps reduce heat.
• Has cut outs for the cargo hoops.
• 4 layers of REAL acoustical soundproofing materials

* Each layer is bonded via a unique infusion method which requires No glue. No separation. No smell! 
• 1" inch thick! Can compress down to 1/8" so you lose no cargo space!
• 3 Piece pre-cut Kit.
• Great for long trips. 
• Textured UV protected top layer is durable & looks great.
• Made Ii the USA! Raw materials Are from the USA Too! 
• Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!

• So effective we filed for a patent!

This 14-18 Blockit is a new "loaded" blockit. 
Our new line for the C7 has even MORE barrier then before!  This makes for even MORE sound reduction! However unfortunately this one was damaged.  Because of this we are selling it at a very low price.

This is mainly a cosmetic issue and the mat will absolutely, still  do a great job at reducing noise in your Corvette. Because of the blem, aesthetically you could place an aftermarket mat on top.

Its a 3 pieces systems. It comes with the 2 pieces for behind the seats.  Pictures show actual mat and damage.  The other pictures (of a non blem system) shows fitment and where the pieces go..
"Large box" shipping sill applies. 

Damage description: It has a long scrape and a gouge/  hole. 

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