97-04 Blockit™ "Quick & Quiet" Deadening Mats PLUS DeadMats - Save With This Combo Kit!

97-04 Blockit™ "Quick & Quiet" Deadening Mats PLUS DeadMats - Save With This Combo Kit!

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Save By Purchasing this Combo Kit!   

• Quiet down your Corvettes interior in no time! 
 This kit combines 2 fantastic products to help significantly reduce tire, road noise & aftermarket exhaust. 
 Fit all 97-04 Coupes. 
 The Pre cut Blockit™ lies right over your carpet! 
 DeadMats easily install. Simple measure, cut, peel and stick application!
 Great for Blue Tooth. Allows a comfortable conversation.  Helps with driver fatigue during long trips. 
 Blockits textured UV protected top layer looks great!
 The Blockit™ is made of 4 layers of REAL acoustical soundproofing materials
 DeadMats are lightweight but stops vibration and noise dead. 
 Helps reduce interior heat!
 Made In The USA! Raw Materials From The USA Too! 
 Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!
* Patent Pending 
This kit combines two products to help create the next level of quiet! 
First, our hottest selling product , the Blockit™ "Quick & Quiet" mat which is the fastest efficient sound deadening system available.  Installs in seconds!
Simply place the 3 piece kit right over your existing factory carpet! One piece for the cargo area and one piece for behind each seat. (Behind seat picture shown is with a C7)  All pre cut for a perfect fit! 

The patent pending design absorbs and suppresses unpleasant noise that leaks into your interior.
This is NOT a thin single layered mat. The Blockit™ is a unique combination of 4 infused layers of real acoustical soundproofing. Now with even MORE barrier for more noise reduction. 
It measures 1" thick! It can compress down to 1/8" so you lose NO cargo/trunk space!  It also helps keep your cargo area cooler too!

Next, we take it up a notch by adding our new DeadMats to this kit  This helps you achieve even more noise & vibration reduction! 
Blockit DeadMats use a unique technology to eliminate unwanted vibration & noise in your vehicle. It’s not your typical mass loaded vinyl. The thin light weight mats are a highly damped proprietary mineral filled viscoelastic polymer which provides outstanding sound & vibration reduction. At only .445 lbs per sq ft the performance to weight ratio is amazing. Lightweight and simply designed to not vibrate! 

 Blockit™ Patent Pending

 *Oversize box dimensions apply

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov