2020- 21 C8 Corvette Blockit® Ultralite Rear Trunk Heat Shield Kit.

2020- 21 C8 Corvette Blockit® Ultralite Rear Trunk Heat Shield Kit.

Your Price:$125.95
Part Number:H100-T
• Ultra Thin & Ultra lightweight
• Cools down your trunk by 30 degrees 
• Unique Proprietary Thermal Management 
• Undetectable once installed. No bumps or lumps. Does NOT distort the look of your trunk.    
• Simple "Peel & Stick" application 
• Comes with 9 Sq Ft of product (25"x 4.5')
• Withstands temperatures 1000 degrees F
• ISO-9001-2008 Certified 

Tired of having your rear trunk cook your groceries before you get home? 

Because of the engine and exhaust placement, your C8 rear trunk can become hotter than you’d like. This can be irritating when shopping or simply packing for a trip. 
This new thin  Blockit® heat shield kit addresses & absolutely helps with this problem.

What makes this product so unique is that its so incredibly thin (so it won't aesthetically distort the carpet), so super light (remember the last thing you want to do is add unwanted weight to a sports car) but incredibly effective! 
Our tests showed the Blockit® cooled down the trunk by 30 degrees!

Yes there is a front "trunk". But if your traveling you might need both compartments. Keeping that rear trunk cooler helps with certain packed items you don't want to melt or heat up

Simply pop out your rear trunk carpet. Measure, cut and stick the Ultralite shield to the back of the molded carpet. Reinstall.