2016- 2022 Camaro Attack Blue DRY NANO Performance Air Filter

2016- 2022 Camaro Attack Blue DRY NANO Performance Air Filter

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Part Number:3000-100T
• More Air, More Power
• Advanced Dry Nanofiber Technology for Maximum Air Flow With Outstanding Filtration!
• More Pleats For More Surface Area. . 
• Drops Right In With No Modification To Your Stock Air Box.  
• Captures Dirt Down To Sub Micron Levels!  
• Dry No Oil
• No CEL's/Bad Engine Codes! • No Surging. 
• Does Not Void Your Warranty 
• Proudly Made In The USA! 

If your about ready to change your air filter... consider Attack Blue. 

This filter was designed to provide 17% more air to feed your engine without forfeiting filtration!   
Lets face it, what good is more air & power if you're letting dirt particulate in.   Attack Blue delivers more air while providing outstanding protection by using advanced dry Nanotechnology. 
ITS A FACT that nanofibers provide the absolute best air flow while at the same time providing the best filtration over other traditional filtration media. 
This is undisputable. Nanofibers are ultra-fine, so much smaller and thinner than traditional spun fibers. This allows you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which will still allow air to flow but it creates a treacherous path for dirt & debris so it gets caught up and captured.
This submicron level of particulate retention can increase engine life by reducing wear on internal engine surfaces. Attack Blues media catches dirt down to an incredible 0.3 submicron level which is the size of some bacteria!  

You can see the quality. Its built like a tank and designed to fit and seal up as good as your factory O.E filter. No modification needed to your stock airbox. Just drop it in and go! No surging & no "check engine lights" 

2016-2022 SS
2017-2021 ZL1
2020-2022 LT1

Release date 3/15/22

When Magnuson Supercharger was looking for a filter for more power, they chose Attack Blue for their system.