2016-19 Camaro Blockit "Quick & Quiet" Sound Deadening Pre Cut Mat

2016-19 Camaro Blockit "Quick & Quiet" Sound Deadening Pre Cut Mat

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Part Number:222-10T

• Reduce interior noise in SECONDS! Just place it in & go!
• Place right over your factory trunk carpet. Pre cut for a perfect fit. 

• Immediately helps reduce tire/road noise & some aftermarket exhausts 
• No adhesive!  Removable, so you're NOT gluing permanent weight to your car!  
• Helps reduce heat.

• 4 layers of REAL automotive grade acoustical soundproofing materials - FMVSS-302 Tested & approved! 

• Each layer is bonded via a unique infusion method. No glue, No separation, No smell ! 
• 1" inch thick! Can compress down to 1/8" so you lose no cargo space!
• Textured UV protected top layer is durable & looks great.
• Made in the USA!  
• Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!

• So effective we filed for a patent!


Reduce irritating interior noise in SECONDS by simply placing the precut Blockit Quick & Quiet Sound Deadening System right over your existing trunks carpet! This is NOT a thin single layered mat.
The BLOCKIT is a unique combination of 4 infused layers of real acoustical soundproofing which measures 1" thick!
In compresses down to 1/8" so you Don't loose trunk space.

It absorbs and suppresses unpleasant interior noise in seconds. 

Perfect for taking that annoying edge off tire, road noise (especially certain states with certain roads that make tires roar), stock & some aftermarket exhausts. It still lets that sweet exhaust note come through when you step in it. 

NO need to take apart your trunk, measure, cut and apply heavy permanent product. Just place the Blockit in & go!

Since there is no adhesive, you’re NOT adding any permanent weight.  Simply take the mats out for a race event. Install for the trip home!

The BLOCKIT also helps keep your cargo/trunk area cooler by suppressing heat from underneath too!

The durable UV protected top layer looks great and allows you to still use your cargo area. Feel free to place an aftermarket cargo mat or a rubber mat on top! 

So quick so efficient, we had filed for a patent!

Oversize box shipping applies.