2014-19 LT1 & LT4 Corvette Attack Blue  Dry NANOFIBER Power Filter- Frankenstein

2014-19 LT1 & LT4 Corvette Attack Blue Dry NANOFIBER Power Filter- Frankenstein

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• Tremendous power & torque Gains!
• Dyno tested & proven
• 30 HP for the LT4. -  10 HP for the LT1 ! 
• Advanced Dry Nanofiber Technology for Maximum Air Flow With Outstanding Filtration!
• Captures dirt down to sub micron levels!  
• No tuning necessary
• Engineered Dry Filter Media 
• Washable & reusable! Just soap & water. No oils or chemicals used!   
• Creates a louder deeper exhaust note!
• Fits the stock LT1 & LT4 air box. Drop it in & go!
• No CEL's/bad engine codes! 
• No surging. 
• Does not void your warranty 
• Patent pending design
• Proudly made in the USA!

Creating power while protecting the engines internals is always a winner with any enthusiast.
Why not use the best modern technology has to offer? 

It's an indisputable fact that nothing flows more air and captures more dirt than nanofiber media.
Attack blue took two years and two laboratories to create their proprietary dry nano fiber filtration media.
Its why Attack Blue has caught the attention of some of the largest performance, supercharger, air intake and aftermarket companies to provide them with potent filtration systems for optimum performance.


When independent testing was done with the Attack Blue filter in a bone stock C7 Z06 LT4, it  put down a crushing 30.7hp to the rear wheels.  For the LT1 it laid down 10 hp!  Both numbers are under SAE levels!  Neither had tuning.  But lets face it, you're only WOT for a small portion of the time.  This is why we focused heavily on drivability when developing this filter. With today's vehicle sensors & computers being so sensitive, every crease, angle & opening on this filter mattered. This all played into the patent pending shape, size & design of the C7 Attack Blue filter. We then backed it up with countless hours of data-logging to ensure the very best performance. The result was nothing but exceptional power, crisp responsive launches and a smooth lively ride with NO surging, NO codes/CEL's.     


What good is more air & power if you're sacrificing filtration?  Attack Blue obtains these large numbers without forfeiting filtration by using proprietary advanced dry Nanotechnology. Attack Blues media catches dirt down to an incredible 0.3 submicron level which is the size of some bacteria while still feeding your engine truck loads of air!   

ITS A FACT that nanofibers provide the absolute best air flow while at the same time providing the best filtration over other traditional filtration media. This is undisputable. 
Nanofibers are ultra-fine, so much smaller and thinner than traditional spun fibers. This allows you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which will still allow air to flow but it creates a treacherous path for dirt & debris so it gets caught up and captured.
This submicron level of particulate retention can increase engine life by reducing wear on internal engine surfaces.


The Attack Blue 2014-19 LT1, LT4 filter uses an engineered dry washable and reusable media. To clean, just use soap and water!  NO oils, NO chemicals needed to clean or treat the filter. Besides saving you money, you have the ability to run on a clean free flowing filter more often.  


You will also hear the new found power once the Attack Blue filter is installed.  4.2 db's louder & deeper once you lean into your pedal. . 

Attack Blue's LT1, LT4,power filter with its new dry NANOfiber media & unique Shape & design is in a league of its own....  Proudly made in the USA!

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