2010-2014 Mustang  Blockit™ "Quick & Quiet" Sound Deadening Mat

2010-2014 Mustang Blockit™ "Quick & Quiet" Sound Deadening Mat

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* Quiet down your interior in seconds! 
* Place the Pre-cut mat over your existing factory trunk carpet & go!
* Helps reduce annoying tire, road and some exhaust noise. 
* Unique 4 Layers or real acoustical materials. 
Removable. You're NOT adding or gluing down permanent weight. 
* Helps keep your trunk cooler.
* Perfect fit. 
* Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 regulations
* Proudly Made in the USA!

Quiet down your interior in SECONDS!  Simple place the Blockit™ “Quick & Quiet mat right over your existing factory trunk carpet. It’s precut to fit perfect. Installs in 60 seconds. There is no adhesive so you're not permanently gluing down weight to your car! The Blockit™ is designed to take the edge off road & tire noise plus it helps with some aftermarket exhaust. Not to worry, your sweet exhaust note will still come through when you get on it! 

This is NOT a thin single layered mat. Each mat is 1" thick and its patent pending design is made up of 4 layers of real acoustical materials which absorbs & suppress irritating sounds that leaks into your cabin. The layers are held together by a unique infusing method to insure it will not separate plus there is no toxic glue. 

The Blockit™ also helps cut back on heat to help keep your trunk cooler. The durable top textured layer allows you to still use your truck for storage. However, you can place a factory mat or aftermarket mat on top if you like. If your going to a race event and weight is a concern, simply remove the mat. Reinstall for the ride home.

Fits both with and without the factory sub woofer.  Cars with the factory sub woofer remove the detachable piece 

Proudly made in the USA! So efficient we filed for a patent

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