14-19 Lloyds Cargo Mat & Blockit® "Quick & Quiet" Drop In Noise Deadenng Mats COMBO - Save!

14-19 Lloyds Cargo Mat & Blockit® "Quick & Quiet" Drop In Noise Deadenng Mats COMBO - Save!

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Get the quiet ride of the Blockit Sound Deadening System & the beautiful Lloyds carpeted cargo mat & SAVE BIG on Shipping! 

* Reduce Interior Noise In Seconds with the Blockit. Just drop it in and go!
* Immediately removes tire/road noise & some aftermarket exhausts.
* Pre - cut & shaped! No adhesive! lays right over your factory carpet
* Fits Stingray, GS & Z06
* Both the Blockit & the Lloyds mat have cut outs for the cargo hoops 
* No ripping up your carpet /interior
* 4 Layers Of REAL Acoustical Soundproofing Materials
* Unique infusing bonding of the layers so there's NO glue! No smell! 
* 3 Piece pre-cut kit
* The Blockit is great for tong trips. 
* Lloyds mat is beautiful and gives you a choice of logos   
* The Blockit
® is made in the USA! The raw materials for the Blockit are from the USA!  
* The Blockit® is manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 standards!

Besides this combo saving you on the price you are only charged shipping for the Blockit.  The Lloyds mat ships separate is free S&H
So let us tell you what your getting...

Reduce interior noise in SECONDS by simply dropping in the pre cut BLOCKIT® sound deadening mats right over your existing carpet! No adhesive. 
The BLOCKIT® is a unique 4 layer combination of real acoustical soundproofing.
It's patent pending design absorbs and suppresses unpleasant sounds that leak into your C7s cabin. ItÂ’s perfect for taking that annoying edge off tire / road noise & some aftermarket exhausts.
NO need to rip out your carpet & interior! The precision pre cut BLOCKIT
 Sound Deadening System lays right over your carpet! 
One large piece fits perfect in your cargo area. One piece goes behind each seat.
We have included the cut outs for the cargo hoops. 

Lloyds Mat:
What can we say, they make the best looking mats for your car!
The Blockit
® looks good by itself BUT if your looking for a carpeted mat with or without an embroidered logo, look no further. Choose your Logo in the drop down window above. This mat also has the cargo hoop cut outs.

Blockit® cargo sound deadening mat is 1" thick. The Lloyds cargo mat is 5/16" tall

By ordering this combo you save! You get the reduced Blockit® price and reduced shipping for both items!
Both of these boxes are large. However shipping for both box's is only $38.00! when you buy together in this package! 

The Blockit® is Patent Pending. This item will ship within 2-3 weeks