14-19 ACS Stingray Front Splitter

14-19 ACS Stingray Front Splitter

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Exterior Finish
At the 200 mph mark the factory 2009 ZR1 Corvette required additional downforce to keep the nose planted. GM's solution was a front splitter that was designed to control airflow while adding extreme looks to the front end. This design became the standard for Corvette front ends and we are pleased that this same aggressive look is now available for the C7 Corvette Stingray. Fits all 2014-2019 Corvettes including Z06 models. Perfect for Z06 owners that want to update from the factory plastic front splitter.

This C7 Corvette front splitter fits like an OEM part, pre-finished in primer, ready to be painted your C7 Corvette's body color or carbon flash for an extension of the factory trim package. Includes all necessary mounting hardware to complete the installation. Specify style when ordering.

Check out these features of the ACS Stingray front splitter:

  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material
  • Utilizes OEM mounting points used to ensure easy assembly
  • Will not lower the front ride height of the car (Actually sits just over the current ride height
  • Includes Road Guard protective coating sprayed on inner surfaces for longevity and show finish

The ACS Stingray front splitter is also available with optional winglets or side deflectors to complete the look on base model Corvettes. Winglets will not fit Z06 models. 

This C7 Corvette front splitter is manufactured using RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology, which creates an OEM quality Corvette part. Fiberglass is injected into a mold and then compressed under high pressure. This manufacturing method creates a panel that is smooth on both sides with a consistent thickness across the entire surface. The controlled fiberglass/resin composition of RTM, reduces cure times and eliminates the possibility of "wet" parts being removed from the mold prematurely. All of which is impossible with the standard hand laid process. Panels are then trimmed using a CNC robotic water jet for a clean, smooth cut on every part. The result is better fitting panel, reducing body shop installation and fitment times.

Check out our complete line of ACS side skirts - also available in primer or pre-painted in Carbon Flash to match your C7 Corvette's exterior trim.